Internet Security Threats Awareness

Increasingly, most people in the present modern society rely on the internet for easier and fast communications, for purchasing and buying things or services and business online. Because of the good benefits and wide selection of choices, people respond more by the means of the internet and it’s different Social Media Tools that aid our lives and make it easier. Transacting business matters and paying for the bills was one of the benefits that people enjoy conveniently and practically.

We cannot say that all good things do not carry with “bad or unlikely things”. Living our lives was much more easily compared to before the time Internet has captured us was a whole lot more different when it comes to speed, convenience, and the aspects of financial resources. Because of these, people with bad motives or intentions and with knowledge and are capable of misleading and deceiving other people to gain their bad intentions leave us users’ problems on security, and even life-destroying threats. We use the Internet as a means of making our lives better but those criminals also use it as their means of deceiving us.

One of the biggest problems nowadays is Phishing and Copycat, which is a major Internet Security Threat. It is a popular line of attack in stealing vital information like user name and password. This actually works through e-mails sent on your email accounts and pretends to be trusted and reliable sites such as eBay, PayPal, and even your own personal or business bank account. The e-mail contains links that redirect you to a counterfeit site that imitates their preferred front site.

If you are aware of this kind of Internet Security Threat, then good for you but what if you are not aware of it? Probably, you would type in your personal information like usernames, passwords, and even your bank account numbers and other personal details. Unknowingly, those hackers will steal your much-valued information and details to make online transactions using your money. You don’t only lose money but even worst, they could even destroy your image and eventually, ruin your career or life.

How can we protect ourselves and our reputation and security?

As an online consumer or visitor, you should be able to recognize and be aware of fake web sites. The first thing you should do is to check the website’s address you are visiting. For example; If you received an email from PayPal and after you clicked on the link in the email you landed on then it is genuine but if you landed on a website with a different website address which is not the same as the main website address of the sender then you should be very cautious. If that happens, you should either call their customer support and check if they really sent you an email and re-check the website address in the email that was sent to you or check the website you landed on for any digital certificate that proves that website is really genuine. For example, it has a Trust seal from Verisign and by clicking on it you would easily verify if the website is a spoof or not. All website owners should be aware of these kinds of threats and should take proper and extra care of security is important to have a seal that directly relates to their kind of business. Companies and organizations can issue a seal that can be used as a Website Protection Seal which is a whole lot more practical, re-brandable, and convenient. Being alert, aware, and responsive to these kinds of Internet Security Threats makes us way up ahead from all these malicious and dangerous people whose only aim is focused on their own interests, not thinking about the others who spends and invests all their resources and priceless efforts to achieve what they have established. It is such a waste and pity on our part. Do not let it happen to your brand or business.