Slow Computer Performance – 3 Things You Need To Check When Your Computer Slows Down

Slow computer performance is the bane of all computer operators today. On the first day we start operating our brand new computers they seem to start losing their performance edge. At least, this is how it seems. When a PC’s performance becomes so slow we seem to always be waiting for something new to be popping up on its screen, it is very frustrating for us. So what can we do about this slow computer problem? In this article, we will talk about three things you should really check into as your computer starts to lose its speed.

One of the problems we have is the fact the computer world seems to keep growing up around our computers. In other words, on the day we purchase our computer, it is able to accommodate everything the computer realm has to offer. A case in point is; I have a computer that is two and a half years old. At the time I put it into service it was truly speedy. I believe it was the fastest computer you could get. However, back then I never downloaded video or worked with video in any way. Now, because I do, I need a faster computer. This is one aspect of why our computers seem to continually be getting slower.

3 Things that Strangle Computer Speed and Performance

Another reason why computers seem to get slower is that they actually do when they develop one, two, or all three of these three things:

  • registry corruption
  • spyware or viruses
  • driver mismatches

Registry corruption is a problem that develops inside of any Windows operating system. It happens from everyday usage and is not an indication that we overused or used our computers improperly in any way. However, registry corruption typically develops and when it does it makes our computer perform more slowly. There are cases, where it can actually make a computer crash and/or become incapable of booting up. So registry corruption is a problem we must take seriously and by far and away the best way to get rid of it is to use a capable registry cleaner.

Spyware and Viruses are Dangerous in Many Ways!

I don’t imagine your computer is not protected against spyware or viruses. Spyware, as its name implies spies on your computer habits and in extreme cases can steal sensitive information from your computer. This can lead to your banking account being compromised. A little less serious, though equally as aggravating is the fact spyware and viruses can make your computer very slow. They can also go as far as making it inoperable. Obviously, the antidote for these things is to use a good spyware/virus cleaner.

Device Driver Problems

Not as popular, but still as important is the fact device drivers become outdated or mismatched after we upgrade our Windows operating systems. In other words, Windows updates sometimes leave device drivers in the dust. This means every once in a while it is wise to run a device driver updater, which is also known as a driver scanner. Like registry corruption and spyware and viruses, mismatched or outdated drivers will make your computer perform slowly.

Though there are other things that can cause your computer to stutter and stammer along, these three things; registry corruption, viruses or spyware, and driver mismatches are the leading three offenders. As bad as they are, living with these problems is not all that difficult these days because we now have computer programs, namely registry cleaners, virus cleaners, and driver scanners to take care of them for us.